Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joan of Arc - 2011 Life Like

Band : Joan of Arc
Album : Life Like
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Mathrock / Indie / Post-Rock / Experimental

Tracklist :
1. I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation
2. Love Life
3. Like Minded
4. Life Force
5. Night Life Style
6. Howdy Pardoner
7. Still Life
8. Deep State
9. After Life
Joan of Arc are a band from Chicago, Illinois. They began in 1995, following the break up of a former band, Cap’n Jazz.
Joan of Arc are known for their use of electronics, samples, and multi-track recordings in their songs - some songs on The Gap contained over 100 tracks - although recently they have been writing in more traditional terms.
Their lyrics and cover art are considered highly conceptual and confusing.

Musically, "Life Like" picks up right where the Meaningful Work 7" left off. With straightforward instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums and vocals) + the addition of new member Victor Villarreal (Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Ghosts and Vodka), Life Like shows a brand new side of Joan of Arc while still using the same old rock machinery.

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