Monday, March 28, 2011

Less Than Jake - 2011 Hello Rockview: Live

Band : Less Than Jake
Album : Hello Rockview: Live
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Ska / Punk

Tracklist :
1 Last One Out Of Liberty City
2 Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
3 All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
4 Five State Drive
5 Nervous In The Alley
6 Motto
7 History Of A Boring Town
8 Great American Sharpshooter
9 Danny Says
10 Big Crash
11 Theme Song For H Street
12 Richard Allen George...No, It's Just Cheez
13 Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin
14 Al's War
Recorded Live at The State Theater in St. Petersburg, FL on 02/09/2007

Similar in sound and approach to their previous release for Capitol (1996's Losing Streak), Hello Rockview shows that Less Than Jake have not lost their appetite for party-laden ska-punk. Horn bursts, rough 'n' melodic vocals, and high-energy performances from the other instrumentalists will please longtime fans, but Hello Rockview doesn't really break any new ground for the band. Still, tracks such as "Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding," "History of a Boring Town," and "Last One Out of Liberty City" would sound perfectly in place at a backyard party, or blaring from the stage of the Warped Tour (on which the band has played on several different occasions). Although many have been tempted to lump Less Than Jake in with the current ska-punk bandwagon, the truth is that they were one of the first bands to combine the two styles back in the early '90s.

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