Friday, March 18, 2011

Morning Again - 1998 As Tradition Dies Slowly

Band : Morning Again
Album : As Tradition Dies Slowly
Release Year : 1998
Genre : Hardcore / Metalcore / Straight Edge

Tracklist :
1 Stones
2 Seasons
3 Murder You Call War
4 As Tradition Dies Slowly
5 Uncivil Hands
6 Dictation of Beauty
7 Free to Decide
8 Martyr
9 Words of a Chosen Few
10 Rights Of Passage
This is has a layered, heavy sound to it, with raspy hoarse vocals that are interesting and set this apart. The songs are constantly evolving and aren't content to keep repeating the same riffs. It's all very thick and metal influenced, and again, heavy!
  If Slayer were to begin writing hardcore songs, their next album would probably sound a lot like "As Tradition Dies Slowly." Morning Again plan to take metal hardcore to a whole new level.

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