Friday, March 11, 2011

Pg. 99 - 2001 Document #8

Band : Pg. 99
Album : Document #8
Release Year : 2001
Genre : Screamo / Emo Violence

Tracklist :
1. In Love with an Apparition
2. Your Face Is a Rape Scene
3. Life in a Box
4. We Left as Skeletons
5. Punk Rock in the Wrong Hands
6. Ballad of Circling Vultures
7. Hollowed Out Chest of a Dead Horse

Punk rock should mean freedom. Liking and accepting anything that you like. Playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want. As long as it’s good and it has passion.

This quote begins "In Love with an Apparation," and quite frankly, is Pg. 99's motto. Here is a band that enjoyed each other company and just happened to write really awesome music. While they did eventually disband, for the time they wrote Document #8 they were as complete a band as anyone could ask for. There were no flashy solos or flaunting of individual skill presented throughout this album. It was all done together as they were brothers to one another. During the song “The Hollowed Out Chest Of A Dead Horse” they create a multifaceted sound that begins with a screeching guitar riff that builds up to a beautiful ending with intertwining guitar riffs.

Pg. 99 produced a work of art that was sloppy, passionate, beautiful, dark, and fun. Document #8 contains 7 tracks packed with overwhelming emotion of enjoyment for what they do. While a band such as Circle Takes the Square may have created one of the most emotional pieces of work in As The Roots Undo, I highly believe they could not have accomplished such beauty without Pg. 99’s influence. The more I listen to Document #8 I realize how important it is really is. While I still consider As The Roots Undo a classic in its own regard, Document #8 eclipses Circle Takes The Square’s release. I feel Pg. 99 does everything Circle Takes the Square does wrong, right. They move on with various themes throughout the record. Intros are never dragged out nor are track lengths ever too long for their own good. 


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