Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shit Happiness - 2011 Chords EP

Band : Shit Happiness
Album : Chords EP
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Sludge / Instrumental / Experimental

Tracklist :
2.B (talks edit)

SHIT HAPPINESS - a trio from the Volga city of Samara. Ghosh (drums), Dos (guitar), and Ghastly (bass) play together since August 2008. About me humbly say: "We - the young trio ... we love the American underground scene 90" (on myspace-page list of influences including Helmet, Unsane, Nirvana and Sonic Youth).
I must say that by today's two years in the same line-up, in the Russian underground, but still far from the capital's hangouts - is itself an achievement. And when you consider that during this time recorded two EP, and that, despite attempts by combine their music with vocals, the group continues to adhere to the chosen aesthetic concept - it's almost a phenomenon.
Their aesthetic concept - is an instrumental heavy, with vein riffazhom groovy and excellent dynamics. In terms of stylistic identification - a hybrid of doom metal and Math rock with elements of noise experimentalism. Guys know how to play and clearly understand what they do. Music is not only highly mobile but also wonderfully flexible.

Listening to their second EP "Chords", I catch myself thinking that the trio is very difficult even when the need to reformat the quartet. If the fourth member is the vocalist, the numbers SHIT HAPPINESS easily become a "manna from heaven" for "sladzherov" or "stounarey" (depending on the vocal mannerisms), and if the trio will join, for example, a saxophonist - we get an interesting jazz-core, strengthen experimental texture moment - and will be noise-core, etc. But even in its original form, all three numbers on MCD - very good. Unlike many other demo I saw in this record a great potential and prospect for development.
"Chords" Free on-line since 24 January 2011. Recommended to fans of doom, sludge, Stoner, Math-rock, post-hardcore and other heavy-extremality. 

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