Sunday, April 24, 2011

Funeral Diner - 2003 Dead

Band : Funeral Diner
Album : Difference of Potential
Release Year : 2003
Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence | Post-Rock

Tracklist : 
1. Yeah, You Remember That
2. A True Triumph Of Man Vs. Machine
3. Welcome To My Book Collection
4. Chameleon
5. Wearing Thin
6. City Of Webs
7. Shifting
8. This Truly Is God's Country
9. Let Me Get A Few Practice Stabs
This Truly Is God's Country - Up to this point the story has been played out, sometimes failing, and sometimes in time. But always present and always feeling just this close to breaking. There was nowhere else to go and nowhere would have been right. Hiding in corners, hoping for curtains or shadows to hide behind and change the colors of feeling. Building something out of nothing again. A wall, a door, a pillar, and another place to live and change. Changing again, transparent and out of focus, but with the best intentions always in mind. But always this close to breaking and the running away never helps. And the holes that you dig are always deeper, though better informed. (As much as it hurts) they were right when they said, "change is the only constant." So i'll keep this salt in my wound. So i can keep that in mind.

Funeral Diner were one of the best current hardcore bands pushing and building on a style that is already over a decade old. Trebly guitars, throat shredding screams, beautiful drumming and powerful bass surges are here in spades. Not unlike Portraits Of Past, with whom they shared a member and a geographic location, Funeral Diner went leaps and bounds towards combining frantic hardcore with long subdued passages of instrumental rock. Call it Americas answer to Envy's answer to America, call it post-hardcore, call it screamo, it doesnt matter. Funeral Diner is dead. Whats left is all that matters now...

This was released as a Euro Tour CD and contains tracks from a variety of places, including a compilation, a 4 way split and splits with Dead City, Raein, Evylock and Welcome the Plague Year. The good thing about this compilation is the improved recording quality of all the tracks involved.

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