Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seila Chiara - 2008 We'll Build an Ark

Band : Seila Chiara
Album : We'll Build an Ark
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Indie | Emo | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
01.Mice On Drugs in Pretty Cages
02.This Is the Party
03.Stories Like Ants in New York
04.Epilogue Day (Debut)

"We'll Build An Ark" is presented by Seila Chiara as a demo. Believe it or not, it already sounds like an album really good. A CD of four songs is 51 minutes long. You will understand: the word epic takes its place here.

"We'll Build An Ark" is an interesting musical journey. Never boring, the group manages to create contrasts and moods that stretch and dilate to condense in implosions joyously melodic and melancholy. Arriving where few succeed today to create an emo rock at a cross-genre popular without that not everything looks like a tasteless soup. From a singing and melodies that remind me by now (at least initially) to A DAY IN BLACK AND WHITE blend of emocore suptueux nervous, indie rock and melodic post-rock atmospheres. If it were only that, the group gets lost in the mass current large group practicing this melting pot. But the song never screamed and his rhythmic worked well under the group a pleasant touch. Add to that French forces and influences specific to them, Seila CHIARA me therefore to think of a majestic flight of AMANDA WOODWARD, singing in totally different course. On the other hand, there is something there that reminds Japan. I do not know why but there 's a feeling a little quirky, a bit off lines like IS THERE A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT. The jazzy touch by now perhaps? The instrumentation is looking for, explore and tinker as a good old Fugazi and more slowly, a key post-emo classic rock type of CITY OF CATERPILLAR, perhaps? The mouth in less. Of breaks even post-punk, more dancing, then, come here and there to break the monotony of a classic post-rock too


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