Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Skins - 2011 B EP

Band : Animal Skins
Album : B
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Sludge | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Headdress
2. Dead Sunn
3. Lines
4. We, Papermache

Chugs abound – gasp – along with 7 minute hardcore songs and they’re from Boise, ID, I mean really, what could go wrong? Nothing; almost. The band gets several things right within the first four minutes of the release. Dissonance, lovely as ever, gnarly vocals that scrape the bottom of a tolerable barrel, and production value just shitty enough that it’s all melded with perfection. In fact the production is on that weird trip where the shitier it sounds the better it will be, and, I think I finally understand it. There are points in the release where the vocalist is simply inaudible, but the confusion in sound elevates the bands heaviness and progression in tracks. For instance halfway through “Dead Sunn” the band spend time listening to tattered vocals battle aggravated guitar noodling, and shit does it work, building to the EP’s most chaotic ending in fine, fine form.

They owe a lot to Botch as their fingerprints are littered all across Animal Skins and this release; unorthodox breakdowns that lead to absolutely bat-fucking nowhere, repeated stanzas for minutes on end that would drive any untrained listener on edge, and by God, that minimalist attempt at sounding clean, all have their fair share of glory but these starlit moments are what make the album. When “We, Papremache” kicks in with that circling dissonant riff backed by death metal-esque vocals you know you’ve reached an evolution point with metalcore and thank God. In fact it’s one of those moments you’ll have when you’re like, ‘oh this is going to be big in twelve years’; see, that’s the kind of feeling I live for. -fromtheinside

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