Friday, September 9, 2011

The Death of Anna Karina - 2011 Lacrima / Pantera

Band : The Death of Anna Karina
Album : Lacrima / Pantera
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Post-Punk | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Gli Errori E Di Fronte A Noi Il Nulla
02. Sparate Sempre Prima Di Strisciare
03. Quello Che Non C’e?
04. Dissoluzione
05. Inabilmente
06. Anticipazione Della Notte
07. Un’ultima Volta
08. Strumentale
09. Per Scherzo
10. Cosi? Che Non Potranno Piu? Prenderci
11. Vile Omicidio

Inverted in one eye a trickle of blood runs down like a red thread that connects seemingly disparate worlds. Poised on this scarlet rope, one end Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett and Albert Camus and the other, the scene of horrors, Massimo Volume and Starfuckers, in the medium, to vibrate the rope, The Death of Anna Karina , returned with more power than ever, with more words than ever. And this time, all strictly in Italian.

Lacrima / Pantera is a slap in the face, as eleven dives in a stormy sea that does not give you time to catch his breath, battery-smashing drums and cries of despair veined, also The Death of Anna Karina to join eventually go in that line of groups that makes the language of Dante hardcore heavy. And with enviable skill. On carpets of low obsessive and distorted guitars, in fact, the lyrics flow on Whooping among educated quotes (accompanied by guitar Camus resurrects Giulio Ragno Favero into a joke) and insights you can (and particularly raw and gloomy, sometimes, as in the track closing Vile murder), and leave no regrets about the way out to waiting five years elapsed between this brand new LP and the former New Liberalistic Pleasure.

Wasting other words, it is superfluous for those who can present themselves well. So, you do not have to do is arrange this disc, put it on and wait a few minutes. I defy anyone to reach the third track (the one that does not exist) and not find yourself repeating ad nauseam "and / not / you / laughed again," all accompanied by a little 'healthy headbanging.

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