Friday, September 9, 2011

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - 2007 The Number Twelve Looks Like You [Hot Topic Exclusive][EP]

Band : The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Album : The Number Twelve Looks Like You [Hot Topic Exclusive][EP]
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Mathcore | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Car Commercial (intro)
2. Sleeping With The Fishes, See?
3. Clarissa Explains Cuntainment (demo)
4. Like A Cat (demo)

The Number Twelve Looks Like You is an odd band, and not very well classifiable under a single genre. They themselves have stated that each time they play a show it amazes them to see what kind of audience their music attracts. Pretty well known for their cover of My Sharona, the band have earned themselves a reputation for sounding nothing like anyone but themselves.

With their debut recording, the EP entitled Put On Your Rosy Red
Glasses they entered the musical scene as a frantic technical grindcore band boasting dual vocalists. Soon after, with their debut LP on eyeball records, they proved to be something different. Starting off the record with a riff that could easily be from an indie record, they immediately showed their diversity and their technical skills. If this trend is any indication of what the upcoming record Mongrel is to be, we’ll surely be expecting, to say the least, progression.

With this short 3 song teaser (the intro is just a ridiculous prelude to the music to follow) to their upcoming record, tntllu have proven this trend true. The first track, Sleeping With The Fishes, See?, taken off of Mongrel showcases the frenzied spastic nature of the band while showing a progression in both technicality in instrumentation, vocals, and song structure. The vocals have changed enough to be noticeable to one paying attention, but in no way divert from the overall atmosphere the band puts across. Basically, it’s all just a little more developed; deeper growls, more emotional screams, and a better intertwining of the two vocalists. As the song comes to an end (after breakdown after breakdown), the dual vocalists finish the song off with a great attempt at singing a calming outro (yes, singing).

The remaining two tracks aren’t so much a teaser for the upcoming record, but rather filler to keep the adoring fans of the band satisfied until the release date of Mongrel in late June. The first of the two is a demo of Clarissa Explains Cuntainment from Nuclear,Sad,Nuclear. Almost reminiscent of what their first two offerings of the band would sound like when thrown into a blender, it is chaotic enough to satisfy anyone in search of it and structured enough to be enjoyed by others. The second, a demo of Like a Cat off of the same record follows the same pattern of raw emotion and chaos. Both of the songs’ final mixes prove to have not changed much from these demos, other than a good polishing and tone adjustment. These tracks should surely interest fans of the band, but don’t offer all too much for any newcomers. The main selling point of this EP is that it only costs $1.99. The main downside to this EP is that it is only for sale at Hot Topic stores.


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