Sunday, October 9, 2011

&U&I - 2010 Kill The Man That Shot That Man

Band : &U&I
Album : Kill The Man That Shot That Man
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Terror Back
02. Chancer’s Paradise
03. Who Will Look After Adam?
04. The Boy With the Beard
05. Don’t Die

Born from the ashes of the great combo Blakfish (note that name, I get back to you), so British power trio that gave birth to her first EP Kill The Man That Shot That Man last year. I spent so much on my plate, it seemed obvious to me to come and talk about it, as it appears from this record a real talent for the composition of energetic and catchy titles.

With a bass sound as massive and fat than that which can deliver a Reuben, the first track "Back Terror" immediately gives the tone. At once powerful, melodic and surprising music & U & I managed to get the alloy well aware of noise rock 90's, a math and a Polished rock power pop as only the English can do. That's what we call death curiously pop?

If you still doubt, the devastating "Chancer's Paradise" will give you ideas in place, as if La Dispute post hardcore let go his side to go straight to the point. Never shot, mastered and disorder among discordant findings, we move the tracks with ease. Everything here is an efficiency rarely achieved on the first disc. The song can be chanted or sung purely and never serve the music. The rhythm parts cartonnent, we find the influence of Biffy Clyro early before they turn rock stage (including the haunting from "The Man With The Beard"). The Muse Showbiz is not very far either on "Do not Die" but here never fall into the dripping. It remains a rock hard with an abrasive rhythms of The Jesus Lizard would not disown.

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