Thursday, October 6, 2011

Todos Caeran + Gumilinski - 2011 split 7inch

Band : Todos Caeran + Gumilinski
Album : split 7inch
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Post-Rock | Emo Violence

Tracklist :
Todos Caerán
01 The Disposessed
02 Left Hand of Darkness
03 The Gernsback Continuum
04 The Blind Opera Overtue
05 La Guerra
06 Yes, We Know...
07 Life Walks in Beauty (bonus)

Todos Caeran offer 2 powerful screamo/emo tracks; for fans of Saetia, Funeral Diner etc.
Gumilinski put forward 3 awesome fast tracks of intense screamo for fans of Orchid. Seriously. This band is the next best thing.
There will also be a bonus song from each band.

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