Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Cross - 2004 Fair Trades and Farewells (Reissue)

Band : Hot Cross
Album : Fair Trades and Farewells (Reissue)
Release Year : 2004
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Screamo
1. Prepare/Repair
2. Solanka
3. Throw Collars To The Wind
4. Better A Corpse Than A Nun
5. Two Cripples Dancing
6. Consonants
7. Tacoma
8. Existence
9. Rejoinder

"Fair Trades..." see's a bit of a departure from Hot Cross' previous sound. Seemingly doing away with the dissonant guitars and harsher of the vocal dynamics in favour of a much more straight forward, melodic approach, a step that they already seemed to be taking on their previous full length "Cryonics". However, don't get me wrong, they still retain an 'emo' sound and still employ the multiple volcalist approach; this is definately still Hot Cross.

In conclusion, although this is slightly different from the Hot Cross on "Cryonics" it is still very good and worth the listen. The added melodic edge shows that the band is not afraid to experiment and progress with thier sound and this can be nothing but a good thing. I would reccomend this EP to anyone who is already a fan of Hot Cross or any of the members past bands, or simply anyone who is into well-written, intelligent music. Also the added melody seems to lend Hot Cross some cross-over appeal and this may even be enjoyed by fans of bands like Thursday, as it is a lot more restrained than alot of modern screamo.

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