Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As I Lay Dying - 2011 Decas

Band : As I Lay Dying
Album : Decas
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Melodic | Metal | Metalcore

Tracklist :
 01. Paralyzed
02. From Shapeless To Breakable
03. Moving Forward
04. War Ensemble (Slayer Cover)
05. Hellion (Judas Priest Cover)
06. Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)
07. Coffee Mug (Descendents Cover)
08. Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes (Re-Recorded Medley)
09. The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix)
10. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman Remix)
11. Confined (Kelly "Carnage" Cairns Remix)
12. Elegy (Big Chocolate Remix)

Decas celebrates the 10-year anniversary of metalcore stalwarts As I Lay Dying. The EP contains three new songs, four covers, four remixes, and a re-recorded medley track. The new songs sound similar to those on the the band’s last full length release, The Powerless Rise: “Paralyzed” is filled with melodic guitar hooks, pummeling verses, and a soaring chorus. The one standout is “From Shapeless to Breakable,” which is a much less melodic, heavier, and quicker track, featuring blast beats and frenzied shredding. Of the covers, the band’s rendition of “War Ensemble” by always anti-religious speed-metal legends Slayer is particularly good (although slightly ironic coming from this vocally Christian band), as they reinvigorate the thrash standard with a new level of heaviness. The remixes, meanwhile, aren’t exactly noteworthy. The “Confined” remix, in particular, seems almost like a mockery of the band’s classic song, slowing its tempo and adding cheesy synths. Nevertheless, As I Lay Dying fans will enjoy the EP’s new material and covers. Happy 10th anniversary, guys. -DAVID McKENNA

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