Friday, January 13, 2012

Have It All - 2012 Have It All

Band : Have It All
Album : Have It All
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Melodic | Hardcore
Tracklist :
01 The Stress.mp3
02 Rise Up.mp3
03 Wasteland.mp3
04 Never Forever.mp3
05 Restless.mp3
06 Empty Nights.mp3
The whole idea of Have It All was born on a cold and rainy night in 2010 when three friends spent their time together, wasting their minds in a rundown bar in Berlin Friedrichshain.

... After playing in different bands and sharing the road on a short tour in 2008, Marco (Drain The Dragon, Italy) and Jan (Worst Case, Germany) decided to keep good times coming...

With Simone sitting and Stefano smoking next to them, they just realized, "We could have a working lineup here!" The idea was simple. “Just play the music we love and share good times together”. After spending some days with Jan in Berlin, Marco, Simone and Stefano went back to Italy, starting to work on some song ideas immediately. Two months later Mattia joined the band and the final set up of HAVE IT ALL was set like pee in the cold snow. Bunga Bunga style. In October 2011 they recorded their first demo which was released in January 2012.

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