Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hats Off Gentlemen - 2008 We Broke Ribs

Band : Hats Off, Gentlemen
Album : We Broke Ribs
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo | Emotive | Hardcore

Tracklist :
01. I’m An Angsty, Cliché, Piece Of Shit Pt 1
02. Red Herring
03. Shaun One Day, Herpes The Next
04. I’m An Angsty, Cliché, Piece Of Shit Pt 2
05. Jason NO!!!
06. 8-4-2-1
07. You Can't Teach An Old Dog Honest Tricks
08. Hoot Hoot I Fucking Hate Owls
09. Forgot About Dre

Hats off, Gentlemen was 5 piece melodic hardcore/screamo group from Vancouver, British Columbia. They started out as a Saetia cover band and played a lot of shows and had one record. They shared members with Sunday Morning Paper, and they broke up in summer 2009. Enjoy!!

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