Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Autarkeia - 2011 Autarkeia

Band : Autarkeia
Album : Autarkeia
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Screamo | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
01 - Saving Seeds
02 - Between a Tale of Two Cities
03 - Still Broken
04 - You've Earned It
05 - Wrapped Up
06 - Never Quite Content
07 - Statues
08 - Wait for Tomorrow

Hailing from sunny Fort Myers FL, Autarkeia crushes through 8 tracks of dark, moody, and epic emo. Made up of members of Jiyuna and Merkit, both sides shine through, combining gorgeous building and spine tingling emo with crushing, often distorted bass that made this record almost too heavy to cut the lacquers right. These tracks explore everything from calm to driving to gigantic pounding intensity, all fronted by female vocals ranging from venomous, pained fury to haunting ethereal beauty. Lyrics focus on personal and political topics and are moving and thoughtful. This is an emo record the way they should be - sincere, thought provoking, and intense.

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