Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Hope For Home - 2011 In Abstraction

Band : A Hope For Home
Album : In Abstraction
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Ambient | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Calm
2. Out of Ruin, Misery
3. Firewind
4. Tides
5. The House Where You Were Born
6. Weaved
7. Everything That Rises Must Converge

In Abstraction is much like a river, just flowing along. It lacks waves, it lack ripples. In some tracks, the flow is important, such as the somber yet soothing “The House Were You Were Born” and “Firewind” which are comprised mainly of clean vocals crooned over the almost lethargic instrumentals. “Tides” is one of the better songs on In Abstraction, with over seven minutes of singing, screaming and ambient passages. In fact, most songs on the album breach the five minute mark, some clocking in at eight or nine minutes, which contributes to In Abstraction’s whopping fifty-one minutes of duration over the course of seven tracks.

In Abstraction is a beautiful, poignant album. However, don’t expect easy listening – ideally the music would demand your attention, but sadly it doesn’t. In an interview, A Hope For Home states that this is the album that came more naturally; that In Abstraction embodied what they wanted to do with their music. However, not always what the band wants is good for them; in fact, it may cause them to lose fans. While this isn’t quite the case for A Hope For Home with this album, it comes close to alienating listeners who preferred the production and overall vibe from The Everlasting Man and Realis.

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