Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Polaris Artillery - 2010 as shoulder turns to elbow

Band : My Polaris Artillery
Album : as shoulder turns to elbow
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Indie | Progressive | Post-Hardcore

Tracklist :
01 three speed for sweet revenge
02 seagull spread your legs
03 as shoulder turns to elbow
04 memories of a perfect angel versus mariah carey

My Polaris Artillery originally comes from Middelfart, and they are inspired by bands like Saetia, Kidcrash, Meet Me In St. Louis, Sinaloa, Neil on Impression, Blakfish and Off Minor. They play math-inspired rock, with their penchant for screamo also come into play. There has been some math-inspired band based in Copenhagen.

My Polaris Artillery are apparently more like Sinaloa according to the press sheet, and I guess there are some similarities, especially I think in the vocals, but again musically it's down math alley, but a bit tougher this time. It's good though.

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