Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best EP/7"/Demo of 2011

01 Maths - Aescent
Skip forward little over a year and the Norfolk band have released ‘Ascent’, an EP clocking in at 11:36 and consisting of just four tracks. As the title would lead you to believe it is in the same vein as its full-length predecessor – this is, of course a good thing. Though while the album and the EP share many qualities, it must be pointed out that ‘Ascent’ is not ‘Descent’ pt. 2. Well, not exactly.

02 Circle Takes The Square - Vol. I Chapter 1. Rites Of Initiation
With Rites of Initiation, Circle Takes the Square seem to be giving their all into creating exactly what their previous fans wanted, and exactly what all of the naysayers would expect from them. They may not be winning over very many new fans, but as a whole, Rites of Initiation is an excellent release. If this is a peek into what the rest of the Decomposition series will entail, then we are all in for one hell of a ride.
03 Frenetic Affair - 2011 Portrait of a Man
I found them on Bandcamp accidentally. Their sound is reminds me a lot to The Mars Volta but in the soft way and mix with style of Circa Survive and Closure in Moscow. You must listen to them if you just don't get with what i said!! 

 04 Telepathy - Fracture
Well, i've been listening to it all day long since some friend that i knew from facebook send me this EP. I love this EP, i fall in love with the ambient atmosphere they made, it's like back in 1998 when i'm listening to Cynic album for the first time, it's smart!!! Well, if you like Mastodon, Kylesa, The Dillinger Escape Plan, or even Cynic, you must give a listen to it!!
05 Rosa Valle - Holy BermudaRosa Valle really are that unique and wide reaching a band - incredibly catchy intricate tunes that are not afraid to swing from serene to blistering. Impossibly young and impossibly talented, the bare fact that this ep was recorded only a few months after the band formed, is jaw-dropping. Exploratory, without ever being pretentious.

06 Aviator - I'm Not the Lonely One
Aviator consists of vocalist TJ Copello, guitarist Mat Morin, guitarist/vocalist Michael Russo, drummer Aviv Marotz and bassist Mike Moschetto, who took the place of original bassist Tommy Regan in 2011.
This new EP called i'm not the lonely one, it's excellent music paired with raw emotion that just proves they love what they are putting out.

 07 Pollution People - Future Trash
Do you know Duck Duck Goose?? Are they disbanded?? I don't know!! This is the same dudes with Duck Duck Goose!! So why they change their name?? I don't know exactly, some people say that they change their name for legal reasons with their old record labels.
Pollution People is the titled song from Duck Duck Goose in their last release. Talk about this EP, musically, there's not much differences with Duck Duck Goose last release "Off Yorself", less chaos may be. This EP is heavy, little rough but showing the maturation process of this dudes to find thier own sound. All in all this EP is worth to listen. For those who like Heavy Heavy Low Low and Duck Duck Goose of course, Get this EP or die!!! The stand out track from this EP, just listen to the last track!! It's awesome!!!  

 08 CityCop - Seasons
Seasons transcends its screamo-wave influence and punches hard, despite not having a single distorted riff or rush of feedback. Just like their debut, Seasons is a stunning mix of acoustic cleans and honest screams. While the introductory track, a fittingly hoarse rendition of Charles Bukowski's classic poem “Bluebird”, might bring up thoughts of La Dispute, the following four tracks, each one named after its related season, transcend their collective influences to create a technically impressive and wholly original sonic experience.

09 Overhead, The Albatross - Lads with Sticks
More instrumental rock from Ireland’s shores here. The band is Overhead, The Albatross and surprisingly, The Richter Collective is nowhere in sight. The debut EP was released on Bandcamp. Entitled Lads With Sticks, the four tracks sound like Sigur Ros with added vigour. Indeed, for a good portion of opening track ‘Jonah’, the Dublin four-piece do a very good impression of the the Scandinavians. Then at the three minute mark they up the ante. Things don’t get quite as heavy as And So I Watch You From Afar’s heaviest moments such as ‘Clench Fists…‘ but think of ‘Start A Band‘ and ‘The Voiceless‘ and you get a bit closer to where Overhead, The Albatross are coming from.

10 Glass Giant - 2011 Glass Giant EP
Well, this one is unique band, i found them on Bandcamp page. Glass Giant is post-hardcore band with awesome spoken words. The sound is like Here, Hear series from La Dispute mix with post-hardcore sound from Octaves. This EP is only have 3 song, and all of it is really worth to listen!! Just give it a listen now!! For fans of La Dispute, Listener, Octaves etc.

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  1. Dionaea - Still - it's not an EP, it's LP