Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burn Everything - 2011 Last Run Through The Ruins

Band : Burn Everything
Album : Last Run Through The Ruins
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Kenny Jihad
02. Ghost Of The Waves
03. Directed By David Lynch
04. "They Don't Advertise Killers..."
05. Ambulance Chaser
06. Crumbling Monolith

Burn Everything is coming from Rochester, NY. I've been watching them for a quite sometimes and already have this EP on my hardrive but never listen it for full, until i got an email from the member of the band.
Well, the first time i listen it for full, the first thing that comes in my mind is "Botch". Their sound is little bit reminds me with "We are the Romans" era plus a little bit style of Burnt by the Sun, with progressive song structures, raw vocal, and more chaotic style, and you can imagine it by yourself!! This tunes is really pissed me off for sure (in a good way). Outside the music, i really love how they named the songs, and "Kenny Jihad" is FTW!!!
Well, this 6-track EP is relly worth to listen, for those who love progressive/hardcore/chaotic/mathcore give this dudes a listen!! Well, enjoy!!
PS : Their previous EP is available on their Bandcamp for free, so just go visit it!!

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