Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall of Messiah - 2008 How to Build a Chariot

Band : Fall of Messiah
Album : How to Build a Chariot
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Chaotic | Mathcore | Screamo | Experimental
Tracklist :
1.Four wheels and a wood case   
2.I lost my hammer between the whales and the elefant's cage, in manchester's zoo   
3.Dead Flowers Industry   
4.I added cyanide to the food of my best friend this morning

Fall of Messiah is a monster that coming from St Jans Cappel, France, and How to Build a Chariot is their first EP. They playing a post-hardcore sound with blasting drum and chaotic style. The band switches between chaotic maths riffs, slow powerful rhythms and mind-blowing emotional parts, cleverly arranged with their obvious musical skills. For those who love Kidcrash, Kaospilot, and Loma Prieta, just check this one out!! This EP is so full of emotion, beauty and chaos!!! Try it!!!

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