Saturday, January 7, 2012

Refused - 2000 The New Noise Theology ep

Band : Refused
Album : The New Noise Theology ep
Release Year : 2000
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
01. New Noise
02. Blind Date
03. Poetry Written In Gasoline
04. Refused Are Fucking Dead (Remix)

The Refused's final and posthumous release moves, thrashes and smacks with so much vitality, vigor and brashness that it nearly endangers the listener. The New Noise Theology EP contains what is often referred to as one of Refused's best songs, namely the seven minute epic "Poetry Written In Gasoline." Also includes a stunning electronic remix of "Refused Are Fucking Dead."
I Heard they want to reform in the near future, i read the news about it yesterday right here, and if it's really happen, it would be the happiest thing in my life ever. I hope they not reform for just playing some shows, but to making a new album!! Yeah, just wanna refresh your mind, here's the final release by them, as if you don't have it!! Refused are fucking dead remix is so fucking awesome!! Just check this out!!