Thursday, January 12, 2012

Veils - 2012 Clarity EP

Band : Veils
Album : Clarity EP
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Hardcore | Screamo
Tracklist :
01. Standinge Alone (Isolation)
02. Caves (Anxiety)
03. Stallions (Adrenaline)
04. Stronghold (Destruction)
05. Surrender (Clarity)

Since forming in March 2011, Veils have been relentlessly touring to deliver furious, energetic live performances to modern hardcore fans across the country. This is the bands debut EP proper, following an incredibly well received demo earlier this year that ended up being re-pressed five times. Anyone who’s heard it or seen these guys live will agree that Veils are one of the most exciting bands to have emerged this year in the UK scene. The record contains five tracks of emotive, passionate melodic hardcore/screamo!! Great band, great EP, and for those who never heard of them, go and check them out now!!!

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