Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Saddest Landscape - 2012 After The Lights

Band : The Saddest Landscape
Album : After The Lights
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo | Emo
Tracklist :
01. In Love With The Sound
02. This Heals Nothing
03. The Urge For Permanence
04. When Everything Seemed To Matter
05. The Comfort of Small Defeats
06. Days of Punched In
07. Desperate Vespers

The brand new album from The Saddest Landscape, After The Lights is a perfect follow up to the critically acclaimed You Will Not Survive. Featuring seven new jams and artwork by Adam Vass of La Dispute. The Saddest Landscape, one of screamo's most highly respected and current bands, are back with a new album entitled After The Lights. Take what you know about this band and amplify it times a thousand and that's what you're getting from this latest material. It's evident that there's a lot of emoviolence as well as some melodic post-hardcore passages. The one thing that strikes near and dear to me about this album is that they take an older band like Orchid, throw in some trve emo, some punk rock, and take you on their own rollercoaster ride of emotion. If you're a fan of screamo vocals (who the fuck isn't?) you're going to absolutely LOVE this album. -Ryan (No Gods, No Masters)

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