Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boa Narrow - 2007 As The Boa Narrows...

Band : Boa Narrow
Album : As The Boa Narrows...
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Screamo | Jazz | Experimental
Tracklist :
01. Dear Mr. Stevie Wonder
02. Tengo Los Blues
03. Waiting To Exhale
04. As The Boa Narrows...
05. Astonishing Bear Attacks Or Thank You, Goodnight
06. (Blank)
07. I'd Take A Vet Over An MD Anyday
08. "We Are Boa Narrow", "Line?"

Three dudes from North Carolina. Mike Wallace plays guitar and does vocals, Zack Distel, plays bass, and Rory plays drums. At least in their live shows, all the members have some input in the percussion. The guitarist makes use of a high-hat, while the bassist sometimes puts down his bass and plays drums alongside their drummer. The three members have been playing music together in some form or another for more than five years.

They’ve released a full-length, entitled “As the Boa Narrows…” as well as a song on the Emo Apocalypse record. They have a new live song on the new WUAG compilation, “Taylor 25: A Nostalgic Retrospective.” They listen to a lot of Yes and Marijuana Wolf.

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