Friday, May 25, 2012

Suis La Lune - 2012 Riala

Band : Suis La Lune
Album : Riala
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Screamo
Tracklist :
1. Cornea
2. Stop Motion
3. Wishes & Hopes
4. Hands Are For Helping
5. In Confidence 6. Remorse
7. All That Meant Something
8. Riala
9. Sense In a Broken Dialogue
10. One and All, Every Bit

Suis La Lune are one of those screamo bands from abroad that are so good, you associate them with the long-gone likes of Raein, La Quiete or DaÏtro. The thing is, they’re not broken up or from Italy. They’ve actually been kicking it since 2005 around Sweden, more specifically in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Even so, they’ve played more than 80% of their shows outside of the country, spending their time instead on a handful of tours in the UK and the east coast (the boys have a sweet spot for Baltimore).
Breaking the silence with their first release since 2008, Riala is the highly anticipated, self-produced LP from Sweden's Suis La Lune. Building on the frenzied sound so distinct in their discography, Riala is a clearly matured effort-- full of self-proclaimed "complex pop songs"--and is all the stronger for it.

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  1. you guys know that Raein, Daitro AND La Quiete are also not broken up, right? ; )