Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Ace of Coins - 2012 The Fool EP

Band : The Ace of Coins
Album : The Fool EP
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Mathrock

Tracklist :
2.Clockwork Elves
4.Dragon Formula
5.Systems of Symmetry
6.Serial Numbers

The Ace of Coins is a musical group with a truly distinct sound and direction Invoking a myriad of energies. The Ace of Coins will provide an enhanced auditory experience for every audience to enjoy.

This is James from Prophet Nathan new band. I remember when the first time he gave me the demo of his new band, when the first time i listening to it, i'm so excited. And if i compare it with Prophet Nathan, this one is more progressive yet pop(y). But that time, there's only intrument and no vocals. I just imagine that it would be so awesome if he added a vocals there. So i send him an email and ask him about it, and he said that "there will be singing and the comparable band would be older Incubus but on drugs." and i just laugh out loud at it hahah... And 5 months later after my last email to him, he send me 7 tracks from Ace of Coins, and it calls "The Fool EP". Well, i'm very impressed when the first time i listening to it, and what makes me really impressed is that James really add a vocals there and he really did it well, and it sounds really like Incubus (older) sometimes but with math influenced hahah. My favorite songs from this EP is Systems of Symmetry and Serial Numbers, everytime i listen to the both songs, i feels so cozy and relax, and also James vocal style is really like B. Boyd on that both songs, it's like listening Incubus' Morning View but with different instruments. Well, talk about instrumentation, Ace of Coins instrument is pretty complex, but it's really easy to listen, and will not makes you boring just because its complexity, and i think everyone will be enjoying when they listen to this EP so much. Just quote what Shaun from Plenty of Swords said, "The Fool feels incredibly new but also a throwback to the golden age of math, the 90's.  Its a winning combination that I imagine everyone having an easy time enjoying...". Well, enjoy, and don't forget to support the band!!!

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