Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trachimbrod - 2012 A Collection of Hidden Sketches

Band : Trachimbrod
Album : A Collection of Hidden Sketches
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo | Post-Rock

Tracklist :
 1. Us Without Self Control
2. Salvation
3. Through Walls, Floors And More
4. Mediocrity
5. Lost In Direction With A Dead Eye
6. No More Peaceful Mind
7. Don't Trust Experts
8. Growth
9. Rescue Me From Silence

Trachimbrod (former Come Across Trachimbrod) is a swedish screamo/postrock band who despite of it's young age all ready has reached thousands of ears around the world. Listeners describe the music with lines as "Melodic and beautiful, even in the rougher moments", "The most emotional anthem in the screamo scene" and "Inexpressible atmosphere, excellent catchy melodies plus brilliant vocals make it a true masterpiece".

With "A Collection of Hidden Sketches" Trachimbrod shows a new, more dirty sound. The earlier instrumental, postrock influenced tunes are exchanged with harder, more desperate onced focused on the vocals. Although, the music still contains it's unique melodies and explosions. Trachimbrod comes with surprises and will never leave a listener untouched.

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