Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sanctions - 2012 No Land

Band : Sanctions
Album :  No Land
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Hardcore | Crust | Screamo
Tracklist :
1.Delusions of Grandeur
2.New Foreigners
3.Walk the Plank
5.Another Drop in the Mainstream
6.The Ego Has Landed
7.Taking Back a Breath
8.Stay Weak
9.Laugh While You Can
10.Wiser is Cheated
11.Meaningless Life
13.No Land
14.Home Sweet Home

Sanctions is a crust/screamo/hardcore band from Nashville comprised members of Cease Upon The Capitol, Karoshi, Moral Decay, and probably quite a few other bands. Ryan runs Meatcube label and Dan is part of Anti-Corp label. Ryan moved out west and Sanctions is on an 'indefinitely hiatus', but thankfully they managed to get this album recorded before all that happened.
And this is their new album entitled No Land, was released April 2012 on Keep It Together Records.

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