Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tang - 2012 Dynamite Drug Diamond

Band : Tang
Album :  Dynamite Drug Diamond
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo
Tracklist :
1.Highway Encounter
2.Run & Run & Die
3.Paint In Black
4.Eve Of Ceasefire Talks
5.In Loving Memories
6.Wrong Place Wrong Time
8.To Wake Up With A Broken Heart
9.Lost In Prayers
10.Life Of Shooting Stars
11.Roses Out Of Chaos

TANG was formed during the Autumn of 1997 and established its first line-up during the winter of 2000. That time marked a renewal of activity for the outfit, and an ever-growing willingness to go forward with their music was born.The band released several demos, including a 3 track CD, given as a freebie, that astounded critics all over France. « TANG has a talent to grab your guts when the first chords are strummed, and the overall atmosphere is really emotional.

The music of the band is continually refined and finds its identity with a lot of practice, and the discovery of new influences. The result blends into a mixture of the actual noise scene and the original emo scene. After scouring a great deal of venues in Northern France and Belgium, they choose to record their first album.

After more than 80 shows in a few monthes, from big festivals to small venues, including a selection for the Decouvertes du Printemps de Bourges 2007, france’s main showcase festival, they decide in 2008 to go back home to work on their 3 album, and to take the time they’ll need to make it good.After writing new songs, their enter the Boss Hog Studio in northern France to record wth Clement Decrock (General Lee). Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Usa, the third album will be called Dynamite Drug Diamonds.

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