Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Albatross - 2003 We Are The Lazer Viking

Band : An Albatross
Album : We Are The Lazer Viking
Release Year : 2003
Genre : Grindcore | Psychedelic | Noise | Experimental
Tracklist :
1. I am the Lizard Viking
2. Let's Get On With It!
3. Electric Suits And Cowboy Boots
4. Revolutionary Politics Of Dance, The
5. Triumph Of The Lazer Viking, The
6. Get Faster, Cry For Happy
7. Wrgggggggrkyyyyyyy!!!
8. Manifesto Of The Divine Children, The
9. j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j7j
10. Vitally Important Pelvic Thrust, The
11. w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7w7

A band that is equal parts Mario music, Refused and Naked City is a hard one to classify. The best possible classification for An Albatross is Noise Rock, fitting in with bands like Lightning Bolt and Locust. They have also been described as "spazz core", an extremely fitting label. "We Are The Lazer Viking" isn't always the easiest album to listen to, clocking in at just 8 minutes, "We Are The Lazer Viking" sounds like Pacman, on steriods, kicking the crap out of the local neighborhood cat. Not the most accessible album, or the conventional, "We Are The Lazer Viking" is enjoyable nonetheless. What makes this album so good is that it is so danceable and has so much groove. Despite Ed Gleda screaming his head off for all 11 tracks and the guitars and drums making as much unsavoury noise as possible, these tunes are extremely easy to shake your hips to. Each song consists of Grind style blasts of noise, mixed with keyboards that sound like they are from old video games, with Ed screaming nonsensical lyrics all the way through (if there is anything insightful, An Albatross aren't making it easy to decipher).

For an album of 8 minutes and 18 seconds, An Albatross do an admirable job of making music that is catchy, fun and silly and the same time as being insane. This album is not one for everyone, but those who do give it a shot and enjoy it are in for a wonderfully fun time. A delightfully wierd, crazy, fun and all out stupid (and that's a good thing!) record. Highly reccomended for those who want something fun and silly as well as extremely crazy.

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