Monday, August 6, 2012

Badblood - 2012 Slaughterhouse Blues

Band : Badblood
Album : Slaughterhouse Blues
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Hardcore | Doom | Crust

Tracklist :
1. Rape Seed
2. Dust & Bone
3. Slaughterhouse Blues

From the bad bad lands of Los Angeles come BADBLOOD a band that should not be fucked with. This city has a long history of putting out some sick bands and those dudes fucking delivery the goods and then some. With their new 3 song EP Slaughter House Blues these dirty sludge mongers turn up the brutal factor on all of the tunes! When i listen to BADBLOOD they remind me of 6,660 drugged out zombies dragging their knuckles on the piss stained alleys of skid row. What i’m trying to say is that these humans bring the audio filth plus whiskey soaked nightmares all at once. -CVLTNation

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