Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pneu - 2008 Pince Monseigneur

Band : Pneu
Album : Pince Monseigneur
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Mathrock / Noise / Instrumental

Tracklist : 
1 Plongée en a
2 Matophore
3 A coup de couteau denté
4 Avant gauche
5 Tu t'blesses
6 Deux brouettes
7 Tailleur
8 Entremet
9 Neige
10 Neuf

Pneu are a two piece math come post hardcore rock from France. with the basis of energetic drums and looping guitar solos. instrumental is their key genre with the odd chant here and there. 
It is easy to bring other training tire guitar drums but tire goes much further and demonstrated a remarkable maturity for a young group while also providing energy for an amazing duo.

The band plays often in the middle of the room without being wired for sound, one side Lightening Bolt is undoubtedly one of their influences.
The album cover is hand made in the printing workshop of the guitarist, the Workshop of Time dryer. A limited edition with a second cloth pouch sewn by hand will be available at the concerts.
Jerome, the guitarist also plays in Apollo Kreed and JB, the drummer, plays in Whale, Lady Bird, Magic and barebecue Akousmik.


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