Friday, April 8, 2011

Mihai Edrisch - 2003 L'Un Sans L'autre 12''

Band : Mihai Edrisch
Album : L'Un Sans L'autre 12''
Release Year : 2003
Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence

Tracklist :
01 Les Enfants
02 La Pluie
03 Et Pourtant
04 L' Un Sans L' Autre
05 Les Mémoires
06 Conflit
07 A Demi Mots
08 Je L' Appelai
09 Les Arbres

mihai edrisch was born in early 2002 when four people from lyon met. they rip out an intense chaotic screamo hardcore style with dark feelings. sometimes rapid and chaotic, and sometimes loud and aerial, their music always has a desperate or melancholy presence. during their shows, mihai edrisch perform in almost total darkness, with only few red lights to allow people to see moving shadows. after playing numerous shows shows with bands like daitro, simfela and overmars in 2002, they did an eastern european tour in july 2003.

mihai edrisch recorded "l'un sans l'autre". they went to the studio to record "l'un sans l'autre" in spain on sept' 2003 with santi garcia (standstill, aina, e 150, etc). for a first release it's well accomplished. the album is full of cold, hectic, insane and simply awesome, well-written songs. since their record release, they have played with submerge, yage, thema 11, moho, edgein 54, based on a lie and other amazing bands. recommended for fans of yage, envy or standstill.

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