Thursday, November 3, 2011

Naked City - 1993 Radio

Band : Naked City
Album : Radio
Release Year : 1993
Genre : Jazz | Freestyle | Grindcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01 "Asylum"
02 "Sunset Surfer"
03 "Party Girl"
04 "The Outsider"
05 "Triggerfingers"
06 "Terkmani Teepee"
07 "Sex Fiend"
08 "Razorwire"
09 "The Bitter and the Sweet"
10 "Krazy Kat"
11 "The Vault"
12 "Metaltov"
13 "Poisonhead"
14 "Bone Orchard"
15 "I Die Screaming"
16 "Pistol Whipping"
17 "Skatekey"
18 "Shock Corridor"
19 "American Psycho"

Naked City was an avant-garde music group led by saxophonist and composer John Zorn. Active primarily in New York City from 1988 to 1993, Naked City was initiated by Zorn as a "composition workshop" to test the limits of composition (and improvisation) in a traditional rock band lineup. Their music incorporated recognizable elements of jazz, surf, classical, heavy metal, grindcore, country, punk rock and other genres.

Radio is the fourth studio album by the band Naked City, and their first to be composed entirely by bandleader John Zorn. The album was also released as part of Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings on Tzadik Records in 2005. Radio marked a return to the eclectic, "jump cut" style of the band's 1990 debut album.

In his 4 star review for the Allmusic website, Maurice Rickard states "Several genres and bands are skillfully evoked... and helpfully listed in the liner notes in order of occurrence. Jazz, surf, R&B, death metal, funk, acid rock, and serialism are grafted together in this collection, often into the same song, and the band shifts genres, tempos, and arrangements on a dime. Supposedly, Radio was conceived as a set for a college radio program, making it a kind of "Young Person's Guide to Naked City," beginning with accessible tunes, gradually building up listener tolerance to dissonance, and finally sandbagging the listener with evil blasts of dissonant metallic noise and convincing perpetrator-and-victim screaming".

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