Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seesaw - 2011 Things Are Bad

Band : Seesaw
Album : Things Are Bad
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Screamo | Crust
Tracklist :
01 - This Toothpaste Tastes Like Ink
02 - Bucketful Of Tears For Little Luigino
03 - Vonnegut
04 - Lemmings
05 - We Pretend Not To Be Pretentious
06 - Cavolo
07 - I Gave My Best When I Wasn't 12 Years Old
08 - Silences
09 - Implications Of Not Giving A Fuck
10 - Accipicchia

Shit, just listen to the first track of the work I am impressed by the voice seems to listen to some old Norwegian black metal band. These Seesaw but 'not for the luck of this kind, sense' I would have also asked why ', is not it?
However, the group was founded in 2010 and beyond do not know 'to tell you more. They play a hardcore sometimes strange, contaminated by a small number of other genres such as crust, which frankly does not attack as it should.
These ten songs fill the full-length with texts in English (except two) and unclear issues, and twisted, perverted by a certain sadness even from a musical standpoint.
The speed 'execution but' definitely not lacking, as well as media riffacci thrasher and the classic blasts of the battery. An example is' "Vonnegut", fifty-second blow from the beginning with mild drowsiness at the end. The heartbreaking voice accopagna the arpeggio makes the piece good but strange, as I said at the opening note of the review.
Only two pieces in Italian attack a little, but the texts are extremely difficult to understand and lowers the level of the group.
Maybe 'cause I will be' stuck to the classic hardcore with no half measures, anarchy and insurrection spewing from every pore, where the texts are clear and understandable. And maybe 'even this feature does not give me my way to fully appreciate the formation of Milan hardcore, really making me spend a few words on the disk.

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