Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Britney's Conversion - 2011 Giorni Della Merla

Band : The Britney's Conversion
Album : Giorni Della Merla
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence

Tracklist :
01. Distante
02. Searching Something
03. Porte Chiuse
04. Out Of Date
05. Ricordi
06. Ritornerai
07. Dalai Lama For Dummies
08. I Giorni Della Merla
09. Thousand Miles
10. No Title (Thousand Miles Reprise – Improvised)

The Britney's Conversion is a band based near Venice (Italy) made of four next door guys that play music fisrtly for fun. Members' musical background is very different and goes from the Ratzkeller's folk to Trent's skatepunk and finally to Raw Blood's Trash Metalcore. The mashup that results from these different cultures is always different and never trivial.. Band's inspirations are the screamo 90s's scene and surely Britney's Spears.. ahahah..
The Britney's Conversion love the DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude and some members are the founders of the Straight Hate movement, a philosophy that comes from the most known Straigt Edge one.

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