Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Sharpest - 2012 Tophet Chasm

Band : The Sharpest
Album :  Tophet Chasm
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Indie | Mathrock | Psychedelic
Tracklist :
2.Gay Song
3.Echo Sacchi
6.Rim All Day
8.Deer Count
9.2nd Brother

After shit hit the fan with Heartsfield Landing, Matt Huszar, one of Heartsfield’s many come-and-go drummers, started playing with guitarist Vasya Kochura as a new pastime. Vocalist Jake Dubois, also of Heartsfield Landing, got involved when he became acquainted with Vasya and their chemistry instantly formed a great haven for collaboration.
So, things got rolling and they had a few promising songs but they were short an instrument. Alexandre Clement, bassist and yet another former member of Heartsfield Landing, was recruited in winter ‘08 to complete the band now known as The Sharpest.

Despite three quarters of the band originating from Heartsfield Landing, The Sharpest ditched the familiar pop-punk sound for a smooth, blues aura with alt-rock influences from such artists as Portugal. The Man, The Fall of Troy, Radiohead, Pierce The Veil, The Mars Volta and as cities burn.
Though they’ve only played a handful of shows, the band’s following stretches from their hometown in Acton, Massachusetts down to Cape Cod and is quickly expanding.

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