Friday, April 1, 2011

Drawing Pictures Of Eras Sunsets and Light Porno Light - 2011 Split

Band : Drawing Pictures Of Eras Sunsets and Light Porno Light
Album : Split
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Metalcore / Experimental / Chaotic / Emotive

Tracklist :
1. LPL - Небо перевернулось в наших снах
2. LPL - Тонны слез
3. LPL - На что ты готов?
4. DPOES - Invidia (Feat. Dima from Sorry For The Breakfast)
5. DPOES - Supernova
6. DPOES - Finem

"The long-awaited split release from two groups of Murmansk. They are came from the different kind of music, to the evaluation required, on vocals, incidentally.
First is Light Porno Light, with three different tracks, in general, chaotic metalcore diluted calm sad track with screaming vocals, as if about to cry. Second is Drawing Pictures Of Eras Sunsets are emotional fools, music which is not particularly amenable, three tracks in which the guys opened their eyes to the hopelessness of a dying world, under the same, unhappy, brooding music. The archive is the release of texts, recommended reading, as well, with toit noted that all the record guys do at home, underground, all the works;) Rock, appreciate, share with all whom it may be interesting."

Well, the note above is the translate from Russian, i don't understand what it means exactly!! Never heard about this two bands before, these guys came from somewhere in Russia, and i'm so excited to give them a listen. Well, try it!! they're good for sure!!

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