Friday, April 1, 2011

Lich - 2011 Demo

Band : Lich
Album : Demo
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo / Crust

Tracklist :
 1. Phylactery
2. Dreadguard
3. Acolytes Of Darkness
4. Vault Of The Hidden Silences
5. Plaguelost

Lich is a new band with members of  MeAndGoliath and Battle Of Wölf 359.
The intro to this demo teases with an opening riff that could easily have been used in members' other bands (Battle Of Wolf 359 and Me And Goliath, amongst others), but it is only fleeting as it is quickly drowned out by a wall of sludgy guitar noise and deep screams. This pretty much describes the remainder of the demo; rough sounding hardcore that sound bit like a slowed down mix of One Eyed God Prophecy, His Hero Is Gone and Acme, with that all important hint of melody helping to break up the harshness but also make it more apparent when it crashes back in.

This is a good demo. Better quality recordings will all but certainly appear in the future that improve upon this, but a careful balance needs to be found as nicer recordings could make it less harsh. I look forward to the road trip.

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