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Protest The Hero - 2006 Kezia (Japanese Edition)

Band : Protest the Hero
Album : Scurrilous
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist :
Part I: Prison Priest
1. "No Stars Over Bethlehem"
2. "Heretics & Killers"
3. "Divinity Within"

Part II: Prison Guard
4. "Bury the Hatchet"
5. "Nautical"
6. "Blindfolds Aside"

Part III: Kezia
7. "She Who Mars the Skin of Gods"
8. "Turn Soonest to the Sea"
9. "The Divine Suicide of K."

Part IV: Finale
10.     "A Plateful of Our Dead"

11. "Soft Targets Dig Softer"
12. "I Am Dimitri Karamazov And The World Is My"

Kezia (/kəˈzaɪ.ə/ kə-zy-ə) is the debut full-length release by the Canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero. It is considered a concept album.

Production began in late 2004 overseen by Julius "Juice" Butty as their producer-in-chief (known for his work on Alexisonfire's gold-selling album Watch Out!). After mounting anticipation from fans, Kezia was released in Canada on August 30, 2005 selling 500 copies in the first week and went on to sell more than 5000 copies in the next 2–3 weeks, not including off-stage sales at the several release parties and shows the band played the week of release.[6] The American release on April 4, 2006 debuted with an online contest where the first one hundred album purchases were rewarded with an additional album - A Calculated Use of Sound, the 2004 reissue.

Kezia is a concept album, described by the band members as a "situationist requiem". The lyrics tell the story of a woman named Kezia and her execution by firing squad. The story is chronicled in the perspective of three characters: the priest who presides over her execution, one of the prison guards who is to kill her, and Kezia herself. Each character is designated a section containing three songs, with a single retrospective finale concluding the album. According to the band, each of the three characters represent an aspect of the band members themselves.

The album achieved universal acclaim with many reviewers praising the album for its technicality and Walker's vocal range. Corey Apar of Allmusic states: "Sounding as if maximum emotion were packed into every second possible, each note of Kezia bleeds urgent passion — from the searing vocals of Rody Walker to blistering guitar leads to acoustic midsong breaks to compelling harmonies and growls alike." Furthermore, Kezia received a nomination from Toronto based radio station 102.1 the edge for their 2005 CASBY Awards for Favorite New Indie Release, and received a glowing review in Time Canada magazine.


Protest The Hero - 2006 Kezia (8 Bit)

Tracklist :
1. No Stars Over Bethlehem 8 Bit
2. Heretics & Killers 8 Bit
3. Divinity Within 8 Bit
4. Divinity Within (Ver. 2) 8 Bit
5. Bury The Hatchet 8 Bit
6. Nautical 8 Bit 2:54
7. Blindfolds Aside (Ver. 2) 8 Bit
8. She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods 8 Bit
9. Turn Soonest To The Sea (Ver. 1) 8 Bit
10. Turn Soonest To The Sea (Ver. 2) 8 Bit
11. The Divine Suicide of K. 8 Bit
12. The Divine Suicide of K. (Ver. 2) 8 Bit
13. A Plateful Of Our Dead (Ver. 1) 8 Bit
14. A Plateful Of Our Dead (Ver. 2) 8 Bit

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