Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thoughts Paint the Sky - 2011 Nicht Mal Mehr Wir Selbst

Band : Thoughts Paint the Sky
Album : Nicht Mal Mehr Wir Selbst
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Post-Hardcore | Acoustic
Tracklist :
 1. Guten Appetit
2. Klavier, Klavier
3. Ein Gedicht
4. Ode To Self
5. Allerhöchste Eisenbahn
6. Don Quijote
7. Chaostheorie
8. Wunschkonzert
9. Rien Ne Va Plus
10. Lebewohl
11. Goldener Schnitt
12. Gemälde

"No newly invented wheel, but not a fifth wheel." So it says in the volume information from Thoughts Paint The Sky. With this announcement the four extremely sympathetic Essen meet the famous nail precisely on the head. Thoughts Paint The Sky make on their third album Nicht Mal Mehr Wir Selbst nothing wrong. The music is in the shark tank full emotionally charged punk and hardcore bands of the brand Turbostaat, Escapado and the already fished with a floating belly up Muff Potter. But unlike the well-respected and feared predators, dare Daniel Senzek, Mario Wolf, Florian Uteschil and Thomas Völtl, in addition to the distinctive use of percussion and bass, all on the strength of their distorted, through a series of effects devices, to put acoustic guitars .

An innovation that not only deserves a special applause, but the part straight rocking, sometimes tricky arranging gives half to seven and a half minutes per song and a unique sound. So far, so convincing. There is still something to Mosern, because it may be worn himself out on the topic vocals. Not only the metaphors and puns easily overloaded German texts will separate fans and rejectors into two camps, also in the long run a little bland scream singing may not be appropriate to eardrums cause nervous twitches. But even that is a matter of taste and your own physical reactions must be well tested in the experiment on himself.

Thoughts Paint The Sky Nicht Mal Mehr Wir Selbst with non-self set the lights, turned off the cruise and will pass them on the fast track to rock many a star-studded night liner. Lovers of German punk profession should therefore quickly become attached to their bumper.
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