Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trophywife - 2011 An Innocent Orphan in the Post-Modern World (Reissue)

Band : Trophywife
Album : An Innocent Orphan in the Post-Modern World (Reissue)
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
1. Seam
2. The Nomadic
3. Mr. Shakes
4. Bleeding Dark Horse
5. Fearing Harvest
6. Ouranaphobia
7. Dusty June
8. God Collar
9. Resolving Host
10. Capoeira
11. The Ocean And Machines
12. The Lust Son: The Lost Sun
13. Our Barren Atlas

Trophywife is a progressive post-hardcore quartet from Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Ever since their formation back in October of 2009, they’ve played shows feverishly, embarked on a two week tour around the east coast/mid west, recorded a full length and a music video all under two years. Each member has a completely different musical taste and background that has contributed to the melting pot that is Trophywife.

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